1. What’s the definition of organic chickens?

Organic means that that they eat nothing except food that is certified organic e.g. certified organic feed, lettuce, spinach, insects, grain, and most vegetables.

2.Will I get a chick in a egg? 😦

That depends. If you have a flock and there’s no rooster there can be no fertilization– therefore a chick cannot develop. If there is a rooster and an egg does become fertilized, chicks cannot develop before being incubated properly.

3. Local fresh eggs can sit out on a counter. Store-bought eggs cannot without going bad. Why?

Because store-bought eggs have been washed, removing a natural coating called bloom that preserves them, they spoil more easily.

4. Do chickens still lay if they don’t have a rooster?

Absolutely. A rooster has nothing to do with egg production. Roosters are only necessary to fertilize the eggs if  you want to incubate and raise. A rooster does help maintain order in the flock however.

5. Why are some eggs different colors?

It is just a matter of breed. In different kinds of chickens, as eggs are being developed, different pigment is being injected into each egg, resulting in different color. It’s the same as people having different eye color.


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