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The Hatching Journal

Dear Reader, In my last post I stated I would write the incubation journal of my recent hatching experience.

I will start by saying that this was my first attempt at using an incubator for the hatch. Previously I have always used a broody hen.

Day –8 ~ My jump rope coach(Thanks Abbey!) lends me her incubator to try out.

Day –5 ~ I separate 4 hens with each of my roosters and start collecting the fertilized eggs in a cooler

Day –1 ~ I start reading about and doing research on the process, never having used an incubator before.

Day 0 ~ I fill my incubators’ water trays as full as possible and place my fertilized eggs carefully into the turning device. I closely moniter the temperature until I get it stabilized.

Day 2 ~ I replace the water in the water trays as quickly as possible so as to let out minimal amounts of heat and humidity.

Day 4 ~ I replace the water in the water trays as quickly as possible so as to let out minimal amounts of heat and humidity. (We often have humidity issues here in Arizona.)

Day 5 ~ Repeat.

Day 7 ~ Something happens today! We candle the eggs and discover a 100 percent mortality rate.(Future Post on candling coming.)

Day 8 ~ I fill the water trays.

Day 9 ~ Repeat.

Day 10 ~ Repeat.

Day 11 ~ Repeat.

Day 12 ~ Repeat.

Day 13 ~ Repeat.

Day 14 ~ Repeat. (We should have candled the second time here.)

Day 15 ~ Repeat. (This is getting old isn’t it.)

Day 16 ~ Repeat.

Day 17 ~ We candle the eggs the second time and fill the water trays very full so a refill will not be required until after the hatch.

Day 21 ~ All the eggs should have hatched by now.

Day 22 ~  The first chick hatches. Then the second.

Day 23 ~ Three more chicks hatch and are moved to the brooder where the first two already are.

Day 24 ~  Seven more chicks hatch and are removed.

There you have it. Obviously somewhere along the line an error occurred causing most of my chicks to hatch late. So, I did a little research about what causes late hatches as seen below.

Causes of “draggy” hatch include:

•Improper temperature or humidity conditions

•Storing eggs over a long period of time while collecting enough to fill the incubator

•Combining eggs of different sizes in one hatch

My personal guess is that the temperature and humidity conditions were not ideal because

I confirmed that all of my eggs were fertilized at day 7 and day 17.

But hey, it’s really not that bad considering this my first ever artificial hatch!

So long,

The Green Egg