Egg–round thingy

Clutch–a certain amount of eggs being incubated by a broody hen

Molt–when a hen periodically sheds her feathers in order for new ones to grow in

Broody–a term applied to a hen that has begun to incubate eggs

Mounting–when a rooster fertilizes a hen

Chalaza–the two white “cords” that hold the egg yolk in place inside the egg

Bloom–the natural coating that seals the egg and preserves it

Poultry Lice–a species of lice that lives only on birds

Breed–a certain type of poultry e.g. Yokahamas, Silkies, Sussexs, e.t.c.

Brooder–the brooding area/nest where a broody hen incubates

Molting-the annual losing and replacing of all a chicken’s feathers

Scaly Leg Mites-a mite that burrows into the scales on the chickens leg, causing them to rise. If untreated, this mite can eventually kill the unfortunate bird

Forage- the act of a chicken searching widely for natural food

Chicken-feathery thing

Rooster- male feathery thing

Pecking order- the rule that chickens establish among themselves with the rooster at the head e.t.c.

Spur-spine-like bone that grows off the back of a rooster’s leg (imagine a rhino’s horn)


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